2018 Programme


DATE                                EVENT

9th January               Bowls Resumes

9th January               Major Singles Open

12th January             Major Pairs Commence

9th February              Major Singles Close

13th February            Pennants Commence, Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4

23rd February            Major Singles Commence (subject to Pennants)

15th March                Pennants Finish

4th - 15th April          Commonwealth Games

16th April                  Lorna Buckworth @ Woy Woy

17th – 19th April        Post Sectional Playoffs

20th April                  Major Fours Open

29th April                  Regional Pennant Playoffs @ LMD

7th May                    Hetherington Trophy @ The Entrance

15th May                  Club Triples Open

18th May                  Major Fours Close

1st June                   Major Fours Commence

6th June                   Charity Day (Mixed) Fours

15th June                 Club Triples Close

18th June                 Hen and Chicken Pairs

19th June                 Minor Singles Open

6th July                    Club Triples Commence

10th July                  AGM

17th July                  Major/Minor Pairs Open

20th July                  Minor Singles Close

23rd – 24th July        Rainbow Carnival

3rd August                Minor Singles Commence

8th – 12th August      State Pennant Playoffs

14th August              Consistency Opens

17th August              Major/Minor Pairs Close

20th – 21st August    Pot of Gold

31st August               Major/Minor Pairs Commence

14th September        Consistency Closes

17th September        Challenge Cup @ Davistown

28th September        Consistency Commences

8th October              Bancroft Trophy @ Ettalong

15th October            Friendship Shield @ Ettalong

30th October            Members Day

30th October            Major Pairs Open for January 2019

20th November         Hills Challenge @ The Hills

26th November         Ham and Turkey Triples

30th November         Major Pairs Close for January 2019

11th December         Christmas Party/Breakup

8th January 2019      Bowls Resumes