2014 Major Pairs


Friday 7th February 2014. There were a lot of players missing from the Greens today, as the Major Pairs Final, took precedence over a social game of bowls, and it was well worth it, as the four girls, Bev Jessup, Sheena Black, Lauren Williams and Tracy Ward, gave us a thriller. The score was fairly even all the way through and on the 12th End it was 8 all. The next three Ends saw Lauren and Tracy slowly hit the front with a 1 shot lead, then another 3 shots. It was then that Bev and Sheena fought back with 2 shots on the next End, making the score 12-10 to Tracy and Lauren. The next End, 1 shot,  went to Tracy and Lauren giving them a 13 - 10 lead. Not to be outdone Bev and Sheena hit back on the next End with a score of 7 shots, giving them a 17 - 13 lead. On the last End Tracy and Lauren were holding, and Sheena came in and took the shot from them. Tracy and Lauren were unable to make a difference to the score. Well done to all four girls, for giving the spectators a great Final to watch. Final score 18 - 13.

Winners Bev Jessup, and Sheena Black.

Runners Up Lauren Williams, and Tracy Ward.