2014 Minor Singles



Result of the Minor Singles played Friday 5th September, 2014, between Julie Paris and June Hamill.

Although I did not witness this game myself, I have it on good authority that it was an excellent game, well-worthy of a Final. For a while it looked like it would have to be postponed because of the weather. Just as the girls were about to start, down came the rain. The rain cleared away after about 10 minutes, and was sunny, and cloudy on and off, with a stiff cold wind blowing. Both girls handled the conditions well, and played some great bowls. Long ends were favoured by both, and as the game progressed, they were going neck and neck, until June pulled away to lead 23 to 17. Julie fought back to get to 20, but June’s steady hand finally won her the match.

Final score, Winner:- June Hamill 25 shots, Runner/up Julie Paris 20 shots. Congratulations go to both girls for such a fine display of the game of Bowls.