2014 Rainbow Carnival



Rainbow Carnival:- played Monday & Tuesday 22—23 September 2014 (Sponsored by           Creightons)

Unlike our last Carnival, the Rainbow Carnival was blessed with good weather, the sun shone down on us for the two days and the conditions were mild. All of our visitors seemed to enjoy themselves, as a lot of laughter, and banter, could be heard coming from the Greens. A big “thank you” to the girls who prepared our lunches, as once again the meals were delicious. Two games of 15 Ends were played each day, with an a.m. and p.m. prize each day.

The winners were:-

1st Carren Quinn, Patricia Neal, Lyn Kennedy, Dawn Burrows (Skip) Umina Beach

2nd Julia Silvia, Anastasia Koutsellis, Pamela Colbran, Gwen Hardwick (Skip) Terrigal

3rd Carol Allomes, Suzanne Foster, Sandra Thornhill, Julie Paris (Skip) Ettalong Memorial

4th Robyne Wiblen, Valerie Brownlie, Lauren Williams, Tracy Osborne (Skip) Ettalong Memorial

5th Elaine Mellross, Betty Wright, Beverley Jessup, Sheena Black (Skip) Ettalong Memorial

a.m. Monday Judy Ahearn, Leane Chenoworth, Angela White, Alice Diamond (Skip) Avoca Beach

p.m. Monday Meryl Ainscough, Frances Cardy, Margaret Morris, Lesley Aarsen (Skip) Avoca Beach

a.m. Tuesday Heather Riley, Carol Allenby, Robyn McLean, Deirdre Windshuttle (Skip) Avoca Beach

p.m. Tuesday Lynette Ferguson, Patricia Reynolds, June Everett, Karen Brander (Skip) Ettalong Memorial