2017 District Triples


District Triples. Three Teams from Ettalong entered this year, Tracy, Lauren, Robyn, and Maureen, Sue, Daphne, both these teams went out in the first round. The third team, Pam Donnelly, Gayle Wise, and Sheena Black performed much better, being Sectional winners. To get to this point they had a 28—23 win over A Bray’s Team Golden Hind, 19—10 win over G schofield’s Team Bateau Bay, 22—15 win over J Vigar’s Team Everglades, and 20—7 win over L Cohen Team Bateau Bay. In the semi Final they played Jean Paviour Smith from Davistown, and had a comfortable win 19—12. Final against Judy King, Margaret Smith, and Karen Croker, Avoca Beach. This turned out to be the best Final I have ever watched. Our girls led all the way, producing at times, brilliant bowls. The lights were turned on from the 14th End. Even though it was getting late no one who was watching went home. Going into the last End, Ettalong led by two shots, they drew well, and were holding a few shots. Avoca Beach had back bowls, and their Skip Karen, came into the head taking the jack back, and they were up by 3, Pam’s second last bowl was a little short, Karen put another two to the back and Ettalong were down by 5. Under great pressure, Pam drew in to the head with her last bowl, cutting it back to 2 shots. This meant an extra End. Ettalong won the toss. This End changed from bowl to bowl. Avoca were holding a few shots, and Pam played the perfect on shot giving Ettalong 2 shots. Karen did nothing with her next bowl. Pam put her last bowl down and it crossed the head, Karen who was under great pressure put her last bowl down, it was seemingly too wide, but it hit a bowl out to the right and wicked across to take the shot. It was a devastating end for our girls who had led all the way.  Congratulations, Pam, Gayle, and Sheena, on an outstanding display of Bowling.