2018 Major Singles


Major Singles played 24 April, 2018 between Rose Ednie and Elaine Mellross. The girls took to the Green for the roll up in overcast and windy weather. They managed to get through the roll up before the heavens opened, luckily it was only a shower, after donning raincoats, play continued. Elaine won the first End, and Rose the second End. Once Rose got the mat, she put on long Ends, and was on a winning streak. Elaine managed to get the mat back, and changed to shorter Ends, managing to win on the shorter Ends, she looked like staging a comeback. Rose perservered, and eventually got the mat back, she went back to the longer Ends, managing once again to pull away and take the lead. The girls played some great bowls and both should be congratulated on an entertaining Final.

2018 Major Singles Winner Rose Ednie

Runner/up Elaine Mellross